"Let's grow paradise together."

Purchasing Paradise Tree Saplings

The ultimate aim of this project is to ensure that communities, both large and small, can develop to become self-sufficient in both edible oil and fuel oil. Paradise-Tree.org is a "not-for-profit" organisation, but funding is required for its continuous operation. This funding is being provided initially from the proceeds of the sale of Paradise Tree saplings.

At the time of this update (August 2014), Goa-Biofuels has approximately 2000 one-year-old saplings, plus 1000 two-year-old saplings available for sale and immediate plantation at the following prices:-


Rs.50 (one-year-old sapling)

Rs.100 (two-year-old sapling)



To calculate how many saplings you will need, you should assume that each tree requires 50 square metres of space. Hence, for optimum fruit yields, farm-land should be populated with 200 trees per Hectare (80 trees per Acre).  Ideally, the trees should be planted on a 10m x 5m grid, with the 10m spacing in a generally East-West direction. Planting like this, to create rows (and "alleys") in the North-South direction, will logically make best use of the available sunlight. Note that this information contradicts that given by the University of Agricultural Sciences (UAS), Bangalore - but I am confident that it is correct .... and here's some maths to prove it!:-




Note that the Paradise Tree can in fact be spaced at intervals of down to just 2 metres, for example when it is being planted as a border or boundary. However, in doing so, the fruit yields from trees in such close proximity will be considerably reduced.



The cost of transporting saplings is the responsibility of the buyer. However, transport arrangements can be made by Paradise-Tree.org on the buyer's behalf.

Saplings can be transported in a single layer at a density of approximately 60 saplings per square metre of load area. Just for reference, a Tata Ace (with a 1.5m x 2.0m load-bed) can accommodate 180 saplings, whereas an Eicher 16T mining truck (with a 2.1m x 4.0m load-bed) can carry 500 plants.


Placing Your Order

Please use the "Contacts" button to make your enquiry. Discounts may be available to good causes!