"Let's grow paradise together."


Paradise Tree Promotion in Goa

Paradise-Tree.org has now established plant-nurseries at Gaia Farm at Gulduve, near Aronda, in Maharashtra. Gaia Farm is a ten-acre permaculture pilot project owned by Rajesh Mahajan, but managed by Andrew Rodrigues. Land allocation for the plant nurseries has been kindly provided free-of-charge by Mr. Mahajan.

In the first season at Gaia Farm (2012-2013), approximately 5000 saplings have been raised from seeds. The ultimate purpose of producing these saplings is to supply them to the full-scale 3500-acre Gaia Permaculture Project based at Tillari Lake in Maharashtra.

In the meantime, saplings are being supplied at cost to Fr. Inacio Almeida, who is distributing them to his church congregations, at markets and shows (see below) and also to visitors to his own plantations at Zogati Nature Farm in Valpoi, Goa.

Saplings are also available for sale to other establishments and institutions, as well as to private individuals. Please click on the "Buy" button for further details. All funds raised will be re-invested in the project. Paradise-Tree.org is a "not-for-profit" organisation.


(Left to Right) David N. Cleaver, Andrew Rodrigues, Father Inacio Almeida.


Section of Paradise Tree plant nurseries at Gaia Farm (July, 2012)


Plant nurseries and two-year-old sapling in David's garden at Siolim (April, 2012)


The first seeds of the 2012 batch were in fact planted by Miss Ishu Saini of Jaipur (26th May, 2012)


David inspecting newly germinated saplings at Gaia Farm (July, 2012)


Fr. Inacio Almeida selling Paradise Tree saplings in Panjim (May, 2012)


David and Fr. Almeida meet Mr. Shripad Naik, MP for North Goa, at his residence (June, 2012)