"Let's grow paradise together."

Donations Welcome!

Although I have stated elsewhere on this site that I will not ask for any money, donations of any size will be gratefully accepted.

Paradise-Tree.org is a "not-for-profit" organisation, but it does require money to keep going. The main expense is the labour costs involved in maintaining the plant nurseries. Presently, the amount of labour involved averages out at approximately 1.5 labourers per month. Although salaries in India are obviously very low compared with in the West, this still equates to a bill of about 125 per month (a labourer's salary is about Rs.7000, or about 85). In addition to the cost of labour, I have to buy materials, such as: seeds (which are not cheap!), compost, plastic bags, trays, plastic sheeting, nets, plus tools and transport costs - all of which adds up. Please click the following link to see what exactly is happening:-


Paradise Tree Promotion in Goa


Rest assured that any donations received will be used for the purpose for which they were intended. It is certainly not the intention of Paradise-Tree.org to take advantage of anyone's generosity to fund a lavish lifestyle! If necessary, I can provide details upon request, detailing exactly how funds from any donations have been allocated.

Furthermore, for any significant donations, I will publish the numbers (either anonymously, or together with the donor's name) further down this page.

If you do decide to donate a little of your hard-earned cash, you can be confident that you are supporting a very good cause.

Many thanks.

David, Ishu and Andrew